Company Profile

ATH (H.K) Private Limited is a renowned organization engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of face veneer and plywood.

We are a specialist in the making of face veneer and plywood. This has led to our increased sales and our sustained goodwill in the market, characterized with cut-throat competition.

We firmly adhere to our principles such as honest business dealings, commitment towards our customer & supplier network worldwide. Aiming at giving our

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best shot each time, our flawless products are catered for construction and other industries.

Working towards becoming a true global power house, we realize that it is the combination of the right people and an amicable working environment, that is the for recipe success. Thus attracting, retaining and providing the right opportunities to promising people while we develop the best business practices in a dynamic environment, will be our prime focus.

Following ethical trade practices and pursuing principles of a corporate citizen, we will aim to build a company that is respectful, responsive, proactive, introspective and dynamic in culture. All to satisfy our employees as well our diverse global customers.

With faith in our fundamentals and the strength of our experience and expertise we are today geared with a dedicated and dynamic workforce ready to row the business forward. Inclined to perfection we believe in wooing our national and international client base with better and the best of our products.