Face Veneer

GUW Face Veneer

GUW Veneer is one of the perfect options to have, when it comes to durability, sturdiness and appeal! This is provided in different sizes from 4*8, 4*7, 4*6, 3*6 and 3*7. It is available in different veneer thickness ranges from 0.15 to 1.0mm. In addition to this, it is provided with the moisture content of ≤ 15%. This is designed with unique properties of no discoloration, splits and holes. With no sapping, dots and waving, it is sure to provide the best value of investment.

BUR Face Veneer

This strong, hard-wearing and affordable BUR Face Veneer is available in different attractive designs and styles to ensure to enhance quality of the spaces. It is provided without any black dots, sapping and wearing surface. It is provided with high-end treatment to ensure to keep the veneer free from the attack of insects. In addition to this, it is available with flat, smooth and high-quality texture without any waving as well as mineral lines. Easy to stick and maintain, it comes with straight pattern without any special smell.

Recon Face Veneer

Recon Gurjan Veneer is available in a range of appealing designs and styles to to add style with quality to the spaces. It comes in excellent variety of crowns, semi crowns as well as quarters to provide the best flooring and other options to the clients. It is also available in different shades and designs to fulfil the exact needs of the clients. The use of premium quality wood and other raw materials in the production enhances its durability and sturdiness. Moreover, it is Eco-Friendly in nature that serves as one of the alternatives of rare and exotic wood species.

BNG Face Veneer

Natural BNG Face Veneer is designed with no saps, black dots and uneven surface. This is provided with high-quality surface treatment to ensure to provide complete protection against termite, insects, borers, etc. In addition to this, it is available with smooth, flat and even texture without any kind of waving. This easy-to-stick veneer is provided with straight patterns, no special smell and premium finishing. It can be designed in different colors, sizes and specifications that can be tailored according to the specific needs of the clients.

Bintangor Veneer

with highest quality logs obtained from the dependable vendors of the market. we are highly appraised for manufacturing and supplying best quality of Bintangor Veneer.Our veneer is widely used in the industries like plywood, wood working, furnishing and construction. we offer the best quality ABCD Grade Bintangor Veneer to our customers at best prices in the industry.

Linyi Honour Wood is a reliable provider of world-class 2mm Bintangor Veneer and other kinds of Veneer. This medium density fibreboard can be used in furniture making. Wood fibers, resin and wax are used in the making of this fibreboard in several densities. This board is better than low density fibreboard. If your budget doesn't allow you to use high density board, you can use MDF. The users can paint Bintangor Veneer in different colors. It is easier to shape this fibreboard. Unlike solid wood, Bintangor Veneer doesn't expand or contract when exposed to heat or humidity.


  • no sap,no black dots,no insect attack,flat&smooth,
  • no waving, no mineral lines,easy sticky,
  • non-glare,straighting pattern ,corrosion resistance,
  • no special smell.

Technical Specifications

  • Size : 8'x4',7'x4',6'x4',7'x3',6'x3'
  • Colour: natural brown or red
  • Thickness: 0.25mm-0.30 mm
  • Technics: Rotary cut
  • Moisture: 15%
  • Grade : A, B, C, D.
  • Thickness tolerance: +/-0.01mm